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Get Fit Carolinas, LLC offers a variety of personal training solutions for experienced athletes as well as beginers looking to improve their physical fitness, nutrition and mental outlook on life. Our ACSM certified trainers will work with individuals to custom-create a workout plan that fits their needs, and help them achieve their fitness goals every step of the way. Check below to see a few of our most popular training solutions, or contact us today to develop a unique package for you or your organization.
Get Fit Carolinas
Get Fit Coaching, Wellness & Nutrition
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When it comes to improving the quality of life, the professionals at Get Fit Carolinas, LLC truly have no equal. We specialize in helping individual clients, as well as organizational groups, with a complete package of fitness, wellness and nutrition solutions. Our personal trainers listen to each client’s personal goals – then they develop a complete fitness package to more easily incorporate into their unique lifestyles. This not only makes each program more fun, but also betters their chances of completing the program – which improves their chances of meeting their weight loss and fitness goals.
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An experienced ACSM trainer, Tim Junkins understands physical fitness, nutritional guidance and training programs that really produce results. He is dedicated to helping each client through every step of the process.
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Get Fit One-on-One Personal Training
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Looking for that personalized attention you just can't get from a gym or video program? Get Fit Carolinas specializes in developing individual fitness programs to help with everyone's unique lifestyles, personal wellness and nutritional goals.
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Our personal trainers are certified and experienced in determining the RIGHT SOLUTIONS for you, based upon your desired goals. We then develop a unique progam just for you, while helping coach and motivate you throughout the entire process, with a proper mental attitude and dietary plan.
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Given the opportunity, we are confident you will discover what so many satisfied fitness clients already know – when it comes to personal, one-on-one attention, no one in the industry can match the committment provided by Get Fit Carolinas!
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Running Programs to Get Fit
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As an avid runner himself, Tim Junkins completely understands the physical, mental and nutritional requirements to get the most from your running programs. He assists everyone from existing athletes to beginning runners find the proper fitness training methods to help drop those race times or achieve your personal fitness goals.
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Tim has years of experience in creating running programs that really work. You can rest assured that the Get Fit Carolinas method of physical training will help you to improve your speed, increase your endurance and stamina, and also allow you to reach your full potential as a runner. We even have developed running programs for beginners, kids running programs and even walking programs for weight loss. Contact us today for more information on how Get Fit Carolinas can help you reach your individual fitness goals!
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Get Fit Online Health Assistance
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Not only are the fitness coaches from Get Fit Carolinas available for you during scheduled training sessions, but you can get training tips and advice from us online as well!
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Each registered client will receive an online address to download their specific fitness plans, have access to our trainers via e-mail to answer questions and address concerns, as well as receive e-mail notifications of upcoming events and specials being offered.
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Get Fit Carolinas prides itself on offering COMPLETE fitness training! We follow through on our commitment to you by making sure you have all the resources and access to our personal trainers that you need to achieve your fitness goals.
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Strong S.N.E.A.K.E.R.S.
charlotte youth fitness
Strong Sneakers is designed to help educate and train 8-12 year old boys and girls about the proper ways to gain strength, speed and endurance – all while having a TON OF FUN!

Encouraging kids to grow physically, emotionally and intelligently about the proper choices to make concerning activity, nutrition, and leading an energetic lifestyle.
kids fitness programs
Bring Strong Sneakers to your school, church or organization!
Contact us today to find out how!
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More about Strong S.N.E.A.K.E.R.S. Boot Camp...
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