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Tim Junkins
Owner & Founder,
Get Fit Carolinas, LLC
ACSM Certified Trainer
Wellness Coach | Nurtitionalist


Get Fit Carolinas, LLC is more than just personal training, it truly is a life process – one whose founder Tim Junkins supports whole-heartedly, and will help you achieve with your customized fitness goals. Tim is a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and also provides wellness coaching and nutrition goals for his clients. He takes plenty of time to get to know all of the individuals and group members he trains, working closely with each to define programs that will make reaching their fitness & weight loss goals fun and inspirational.
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An avid runner, Tim has completed numerous marathons – qualifying for the Boston Marathon over four times, and was a collegiate hurdler and sprinter. He understands the dedication and desire to improve an athlete's speed, increase endurance and design fitness programs that can help anyone lose weight or improve the quality of their life. The combination of services offered by Get Fit Carolinas ensures your experience will be well-rounded – covering each of the physical, mental and dietary necessities for reaching fitness goals. Tim Junkins is committed to each client in helping them develop life goals, establish a proper diet, mental outlook and physical fitness training methods that are not only fun, but also easy to incorporate into your existing lifestyle.

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Find out more about the Get Fit Programs offered such as the ones listed below. Contact our team today to find out more abour specific programs for companies, organizations, youth fitness, and more.
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On a personal note, Tim Junkins is attempting to run 12 marathons in 12 months! Check our Running the Carolinas page for updates on his progress and for information on other events you may be interested in participating in, as we will try to keep this section current with information. Tim's personal best finishing time is 3:09 - from the Thunder Road Marathon in December of 2010.
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